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Custom Call Categorization with Call Tags

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BlinkTags is a powerful feature of Blink Telecom that allows you to categorize your calls with custom filters, providing you with enhanced organization and improved call management. With BlinkTags, you can easily classify and track your calls based on specific criteria, enabling you to analyze call data, prioritize follow-ups, and gain valuable insights. Experience the convenience and efficiency of call tagging with BlinkTags.


Customized Call Categorization

BlinkTags empowers you to create custom tags or labels that align with your unique business needs. Whether you want to categorize calls by project, client, department, or any other relevant criteria, BlinkTags allows you to create personalized call tags that fit your organization’s structure and workflow. Customize your call categorization system to match your business processes seamlessly.

Effortless Call Tagging

Tagging calls with BlinkTags is a simple and straightforward process. During or after each call, you can assign relevant tags to categorize and label the conversation. With just a few clicks, you can apply multiple tags to a single call, providing detailed insights and improving call organization. Streamline your call management by effortlessly categorizing your conversations.

Enhanced Call Analysis

BlinkTags enables you to analyze call data based on specific tags or combinations of tags. Utilize the power of custom filters to generate reports and gain insights into specific call categories. Identify trends, patterns, or areas that require attention, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improve overall call performance.


Priority and Follow-Up Management

With BlinkTags, you can prioritize your follow-ups based on call tags. Identify high-priority calls or calls that require immediate action by applying relevant tags. By categorizing calls with tags such as “Urgent” or “Follow-Up,” you can easily track and manage important conversations, ensuring timely responses and effective customer service.


Streamlined Call Tracking

Efficiently track and retrieve calls with BlinkTags’ call filtering capabilities. Filter and search your call history based on specific tags or combinations of tags to quickly locate relevant conversations. Find specific information, review past interactions, or access call records for analysis or reference purposes. Streamline your call tracking process and save time and effort.

Collaboration and Team Productivity

BlinkTags facilitates collaboration and improves team productivity by providing a standardized system for call categorization. With consistent call tags, team members can easily understand and access relevant call information, enhancing communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within your organization.

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BlinkTags empowers you to categorize your calls with custom filters, providing you with better organization, improved call analysis, and enhanced productivity. Experience the benefits of call tagging with BlinkTags and take control of your call management.

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