Introducing BlinkWhisper

Discreet Call Whisper Feature for Enhanced Agent Support

What is a BlinkWhisper

BlinkWhisper is a powerful call whisper feature that allows you to discreetly join your agents’ conversations in real-time, providing them with valuable guidance and support without the customer’s knowledge. With BlinkWhisper, you can ensure exceptional customer service, train and mentor your agents, and maintain quality standards. Experience the benefits of discreet call whispering with BlinkWhisper.


Real-Time Agent Support

BlinkWhisper enables you to provide real-time support to your agents during their customer interactions. With the whisper feature, you can discreetly join the ongoing call and provide guidance, answer questions, or offer suggestions to your agent without the customer hearing your input. Ensure that your agents have the assistance they need to deliver outstanding service.


Covert Coaching and Training

Use BlinkWhisper as a powerful coaching and training tool for your agents. While listening to their conversations, you can provide constructive feedback, suggest improvements, and offer training tips without interrupting the call flow. This allows your agents to develop their skills and enhance their performance in a non-intrusive manner, boosting their confidence and competence.


Quality Control and Compliance

BlinkWhisper helps you maintain quality control and compliance by monitoring and guiding your agents’ interactions. Ensure that your agents adhere to established guidelines, policies, and regulatory requirements by gently nudging them in the right direction during their calls. Mitigate risks associated with non-compliance and maintain consistent service quality across your team.

Increased Agent Confidence and Performance

With BlinkWhisper, your agents can gain confidence and improve their performance with the knowledge that they have support readily available when needed. The ability to receive real-time guidance during customer interactions helps agents handle challenging situations more effectively, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased agent productivity.


Customizable Whisper Options

BlinkWhisper offers customizable options to fit your specific needs. Set preferences such as the volume level of the whisper, the ability to record the whispered conversation for later review, or the ability to escalate the call if necessary. Tailor the whisper feature to align with your coaching and monitoring requirements.

BlinkWhisper enables discreet call whispering, empowering you to provide real-time support and guidance to your agents without interrupting customer conversations. Elevate your agent performance, enhance customer experiences, and maintain quality control with BlinkWhisper.

Seamless Agent Integration

BlinkWhisper seamlessly integrates into your existing call center infrastructure or VoIP system, allowing you to join agent calls with ease. Access the whisper feature through your agent management software or dashboard, providing a seamless user experience and minimal disruption to your operations.

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